Facelift for the XXL-Maybach

Stuttgart, 15. March 2018

Actually, the "normal" Mercedes-Maybach is already a powerful appearance. A length of 5.46 meters lifts him clear of a profane S-class, which serves as the basis. But there is always someone who wants to show that he is the number One among the oligarchs / functionaries / dictators / millionaires / billionaires (please underline where Applicable). For this target group, there is the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman. He now gets a Facelift.

Stand-Alone Front End

6,50 the Super-S-class long, a powerful performance is guaranteed. New, as well as in short-the Mercedes-Maybach is the "pin-stripe Grill" with fine vertical bars and optional two-tone paint finishes. Through these measures, more autonomy should be guaranteed in the appearance. A S 350 d can finally drive each. The Name "Pullman" derives from George M. Pullman, who is considered the inventor of the modern railroad sleeping car.

First-class travel

Inside, the music plays at the Pullman, of course, in the back. There is similarly fine as in the First Class of renowned Airlines. The VIP guests travel in the direction of travel on the so-called "Executive Seats", including a reclining function. Mercedes-Maybach promises to be the greatest legroom in the Segment. (As a competitor would never occur to us, however, only the 5,98 metres long, the Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB.) In addition, two more passengers can take to the VIP guests to an electrically lowerable partition wall space. Quite new is the "Front View Camera", with the rear passengers can also be observed in the case of a closed separation plate, the road in front of the vehicle.

Twelve-cylinder engine Zack

To bring the elitist load of appropriate momentum, the Biturbo V12 under the hood, more power. 630 HP is sufficient for 1,000 Newton meters of maximum torque and a sprint of 6.5 seconds to 100 km/h. you could probably boards with the Pullman also on the Nürburgring, but the high performance is due to the fact that not a few of the XXL limousines are armored. But significantly more than those half a Million euros will likely be needed, the Mercedes-Maybach as a starting price for the Pullman calls.(rh)