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Hannover, September 21, 2015

In northern Germany Hannover created a wonderfully sweet collaboration between two long-established traditional company. The automaker VW Commercial Vehicles and the confectionery producer Bahlsen join forces to transform one of the most traditional transporter in a real treat.

Biscuits with Bulli motif

In Bahlsen factory Barsinghausen 60,000 packs Leibniz biscuits are produced to now. The special thing about the cookies: They come in eleven different designs Bulli, from T1 to T6 up. Bahlsen - owner Werner M. Bahlsen found the right words for the cooperation: " The Bulli biscuit is an original symbiosis of Volkskeks and Volkswagen, respectively Familienkeks and family vehicle. " The first truckload Bulli biscuits went ?? befitting the new VW T6 ?? at the Children's Hospital of the Hannover Medical School, where young patients can look forward to a really sweet consolation now.

Treats for the time being for employees and customers

Who hopes now that tasty Bullis soon be able to already take the shopping home, who has to wait a bit longer. First, the employees of VW commercial vehicles will come to enjoy the crispy Transporter. Subsequently, the biscuits are distributed to customers in the shop and offered the customer center of VW commercial vehicles. However, already examined whether the special edition of Leibniz biscuits 2016 might be Germany's commercially available. It would be a shame if not . ( mf )