Expensive all-season tires or cheap summer and winter tyres?

Stuttgart, 7 November 2016

Discount tires from Asia more and more capture the German market. The business has long since reached also the trade with cheap tyres. Although much of the cheap brand is still traded on the Internet and distributed, but due to the increasing demand now also auto repair shops and car dealerships offering the tyre trade cheap goods from China, Taiwan or the Balkans. The savings compared to the rate of brand tyres are fast times at 100 to 200 euro per set, depending on the size and brand.

More expensive all-season tires or cheap combination?

Motorists who opt for an all-season tires, save a lot of money, because it eliminates the cost of an additional set of tyres and also the cost of the installation (particularly expensive if tire pressure sensors must be installed) and storage. But cheap tyres can compete with an all-season tires? The GTÜ society for technical monitoring wanted it exactly know and sent an all-season tires "Made in Germany" as well as a cheap winter - and a cheap summer tires from Taiwan and China for a direct comparison in terms of quality and safety on the test track.

The all-rounder from Germany is far better

The result is sobering: none of the two low-cost tires tested compared summer as winter tires can an "ALLROUNDER" also only roughly keep up with. Wet brake by speed 80 to 0 km/h the Billigpneu with a more than ten metres longer braking distance looks quite old. And if the car with the all-season tires is already available after an emergency stop, the vehicle with the cheap tires with less than 40 km/h residual speed is on the way. It can be closely then ever. Car drivers who want to save when buying tires, should so better choose the brands all-season tires to buy as a combination of summer and winter from Asia. (sl)