Eternal junk in your trunk? Ikea wants to do something about this with this free product

Unfortunately, the product is not (yet) coming to the Netherlands

'Give Mess the Boot' is the witty slogan with which Ikea in Australia wants to generate some attention for junk in the boot. Got it, because boot means both boot and luggage space. 'Working with rubbish' might be a funny translation here. To tidy up your trunk, Ikea comes with the Kör, which is Swedish for driving. And of course it sounds like car in English.

Ikea investigated how Australians use the trunk. According to the survey, 52 percent of respondents have a messy luggage compartment. 79 percent would use the rear cargo area to store items. A third even puts things in the trunk to make the house look tidier. Thanks to the organizer from Ikea, the trunk should look tidy again.

According to the meatball restaurant, the Kör is a 'one-size-fits-all model based on a medium-sized SUV'. The idea of one-size-fits-all is one size fits all, but oh well. You choose the version of the Kör based on your character. Just look at the names of the different versions: sports addict, beach lover, adventurer, busy parent, pet owner and fashion influencer.

How much does an organizer for my trunk cost?

The Kör can be collected completely free from branches in Richmond, Canberra, Tempe, North Lakes and Adelaide. Would Ikea keep this product on the shelves when all the free products have been sold or is this merely a strong promotional campaign? We fear the second. If you are in Australia between October 7 and 13, you can pick it up then.