Environmentally friendly thanks to new technology

Stuttgart, 21 December 2016

The Federal Office for civil protection and disaster relief, short BBK, equips its forces with a large fleet of new Mercedes fire engines. The special feature of the torque usage devices? They are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors.

Euro 6 standard benefits

Same 96 vehicles of the type "Mercedes Atego 1323 AF 4 x 4 Euro VI" provided in the fleet of BBK. The fire trucks meet the strict emissions legislation Euro 6 and are environmentally friendly on the road in the event of an emergency. Comparison: models that were built after the Euro 5 standard, create up to five times higher particulate and NOX emissions as the new Atego. In addition, versions of the Euro 6 consume around five percent less fuel than the old vehicles. Also the noise emissions reduced thanks to Euro 6.

The technical data

The Atego are driven 1323 AF 4 x 4 Euro VI by a four-cylinder engine with 231 HP and 900 nm. A 1,200 liter fuel tank takes up the extinguishing agent, the pump at the rear provides a flow rate of 1,000 l / min at a pressure of 10 bar. The all-wheel drive vehicles are nearly 7.20 m long, 3.30 meters high and 2.50 meters long. There is space in the rear for a nine-strong crew.

Locations in North Rhine-Westphalia

Of the 96 ordered vehicles already passed the first six copies. The new cars are stationed at various locations in North Rhine-Westphalia and passed on to the civil protection to supplement its own fleet in an emergency. (mf)