Sun Valley (USA), 11. August 2017

Singer Vehicle Design in California is likely to tell you, especially if you are on old Elfer. The impressive reinterpretations of air-cooled Porsche 911, the company is now world known. Now, however, has come up with a Singer for a new project. Of a that the processor in the case of Porsche-Cracks final immortal could make.

New, old, strong engine

Together with Williams Advanced Engineering – a Division of the formula-1-Teams – Singer working on the development of a hochpeessigen, naturally aspirated Porsche boxer engine. Is directed the Whole thing from the 87-year-old Hans Mezger. Yes, the Hans Mezger, the Porsche's six-cylinder has invented a Boxer (you see, it is getting better). The machine is made for a Singer-a regular customer Scott Blattner. As a Basis, the 3.6-Liter is used unit out of its 1990s Porsche 911. However, the engine displacement is increased to 4.0 liters. There are, among other things, four-valve cylinder heads, titanium connecting rods, aluminum butterfly valves, an optimised Oil circuit, intake tube made from Carbon, a Carbon Airbox and exhaust system Inconel/titanium (the stuff is also used in formula 1).

500 HP, more than 9,000 tours

All in all, is to mobilize this Monster machine brutal 372 kW and more than 9,000 tours rotate. You heard it right: a new, naturally aspirated Mezger-Boxer with 500 HP and a red zone, close to the stratosphere. Since you are already short. According to Singer, the full expression of the cooperation with Williams to be announced in the near future. It was a unique selection of restoration and modification services, which tend strongly in the direction of lightweight construction, and dynamic growth. This means that this engine will not remain in a single piece and, on the other, that even more good things for übersolvente Porsche Fans will follow.(sw)