Dutchman crashes hard with Porsche into tree, but does not want the ambulance to be called

Not even if one of the occupants is seriously injured

Residents of Delden in Twente were startled by a big blow on Saturday evening. Next to the N740 between Bentelo and Delden, a Porsche 911 crashed hard into a tree. Local residents ran to 911 to see if they could provide assistance to the occupants, but strangely enough they did not want any help.

The Twente newspaper Tubantia spoke to the witnesses who were first on the scene. They were celebrating a birthday when they heard a car passing by at speed, an exhaust popping, 'brakes squealing' and a loud bang putting an end to the sounds. The group decided to go check out the crash of the Porsche 911 and call 911.

No ambulance help after Porsche 911 crashes

There appear to be two men in the crashed Porsche, one of whom is seriously injured. The other manages to crawl out of the 911 and focuses on a witness. 'I don't want the police or ambulance there. I'll take care of this myself," he says. It is unknown why the man did not want help after the crash with the Porsche 911. Certainly not because the man has ambitions to become a paramedic.

It could have something to do with his past as an 'entrepreneur'. The owner of the Porsche was sentenced to three years in prison in 2008 for fraudulent trading. Tubantia spoke with the Porsche driver by telephone at a later time. He says that he is 'completely in ruins' and that he is 'unable' to answer the questions from the Twente newspaper.

Police are now investigating the crash, who the driver was and whether that driver used alcohol or other narcotics. The officers go door to door with local residents to see if they can tell anything about the speed of the 911. Several witnesses say they saw no more than a flash of the car. It seems likely that the driver did not adhere to the maximum speed of 80 km/h.