Dustin gets Benz of Cro

Frankfurt / Main, October 1, 2015

Cro, the rapper with the panda mask is multitalented: He can not only tones but also with colors deal. As well, he has shown in May 2015 a Mercedes CLA street style, which he has transformed with spray paint and color pencils in a colorful eye-catcher. The car was so far on a Mercedes-promotional tour through Germany always there. Following the tour wanted Cro which is since 2013 a brand ambassador of Mercedes, give the car.

Dustin Osthoff as the new owner

This has now done the rapper: On the IAA auto show ( 17 to 27 September 2015) gave the artist, the piece in person to its new owner. His name is Dustin Osthoff and is now the most famous Benz drivers in Germany. Because the brightly colored unique is likely to radiate out like a beacon, even in thickest Verkehrsgewühl.

Rebuilt car for his nephew

To get the car, however, he had to be diligent ?? like thousands of others who also wanted the Cro - Benz. Job was as creative as possible to establish, among other things, why you want to have the CLA unique essential and what you plan so. The entries were judged by Cro for originality, effort and his personal taste. Osthoff impressed with his idea and sat so by the contest. " There were an incredible number of good ideas, and I felt like giving away ten cars. At the end we had to get out looking for a and Dustin has simply been trying very hard and the car for his little nephew rebuilt completely. I thought that was just great. Because infected a lot of work and attention to detail in it, "the man with the mask justified his decision . ( hd )