Duck for intermediates

Cologne, 19. July 2017

Potential successor to a cult cars, it is always hard. Although well-intentioned, remains of you, in hindsight, mostly just a footnote left. So also in the case of the Citroën Dyane, the production of which was launched 50 years ago.

More Modern

The idea for the Dyane was not wrong at all. The Citroën 2CV, the famous "duck", anno 1967, was already almost 20 years old. Modernization did not, especially with the Renault 4 since quite some time a strong competitor on the market. On the other hand you wanted to fill the gap, and the Ami 6.

Angular Shapes

Why, actually, "Dyane"? The roots of the Name were from the car manufacturer Panhard, which merged in 1967 with Citroën. There was, among other things, a "Dyna". At Panhard (since 1955 Citroën gave 25 per cent of the shares) was made the most of the development work for the Dyane. Of a successor to the "duck," said one official, but by the views of the Design of the Dyane was the rumors to the herb shoot. Hardly longer than the "duck", was the Dyane smooth and modern, without throwing the usual shape.

Up to 32 HP under the hood

Although tailgate and front windscreen were bigger than the "duck", but the Chassis took on the Dyane. Also on the engine side, both vehicles were close to each other, namely, with an air two-cylinder Boxer-cooled. The only short offered basic Dyane took 18 horsepower from 425 cubic inches of displacement, there were 24, 28 and 32 HP. More than 602 cubic quacked but never under the hood. For 16 years, until 1983, built Citroën Dyane in over 1.4 million copies, including in Yugoslavia, and Iran. A decent number, but not a gigantic success. What was it? While many of the ducks thought driver because of the front wheel to the brakes via a switch. However, in the Wake of the 1968 movement, the "duck" suddenly, as a Statement popular and already in 1970 there was also the 2CV with Dyane-Block and 28 HP. Add to that: Who really wanted to upgrade, got in a Renault 4, a four-cylinder value for money.

A commercial vehicle and a fun car

Properly, in 1978, was popular, however, as a successor to the box-a duck, introduced Acadiane, which was built up in 1987, over 250,000 times. In addition, the Dyane was the basis for a very special car: the reduced to the Essential beach streaker Mehari. In Germany, by the way, exactly 22.367 Citroën Dyane were sold. Today, they are rare and expensive: Around 6,500 Euro a good copy with TÜV now costs.(rh)