Dog is flashed at 11 km/h too fast (and the owner has a special excuse)

The police didn't have to grab the barker

"Mr. Dog, you have exceeded the speed limit in the village, your driver's license please..." the Slovak police joked on Facebook . Kennel-wise, the officers are in stitches over the dog that was caught in the village of Šterusy. According to police, the brown hunting dog sat obediently behind the wheel and peeked at young deer. They call the driver irresponsible.

According to the 31-year-old driver, the dog just jumped on his lap, exactly when they were flashed. But the police don't fall for that. According to the officers, there is no 'sudden movement' visible in the video footage. So the dog was probably already sitting on my lap. In any case, the man will receive a fine of 40 euros for driving 11 km/h too fast within built-up areas.

The Slovak police emphasize that all pets must be safely secured in the car. We do not know what fine this will be in Slovakia. In the Netherlands, we do not have a specific fine for not transporting your dog properly, but we do have Article 5. With this law, the police can fine all dangerous actions in traffic, including a dog that causes danger.