Detroit 2017: Lexus LS is luxurious

LS is luxurious

Lexus LS at the NAIAS in Detroit (-22.1.2017) introduces the all-new generation of its flagship that 2018 goes on sale. It is based on the extended platform of the Coupe LC. 5.24 m, the sedan is longer than the previous model. The wheelbase grows to three and a half centimetres on 3.12 meters, the height of the vehicle is reduced to one and a half centimeters. The hood and the trunk are even three or four centimetres deeper than ever before. The new model is also 90 kg lighter.

The vehicle dynamics management VDIM (vehicle dynamics integrated management) implemented a cooperative control of all vehicle subsystems such as braking, steering, drive and suspension, the movements in longitudinal, transverse and vertical axis control, as well as the greed - to minimize roll - and Nick movement. In addition, the Lexus LS of active all-wheel steering is equipped.

The LS the first Lexus sedan with six sides and flush recessed panels, which continuously pass into the body pillars. Not only the desired 28 adjustable front, but also the rear seats can be equipped with air conditioning and massage function. The seats with Shiatsu-massage function and Ottoman are part of a comprehensive comfort package, which tend to the back of the passenger seat up to 48 degrees, but can be adjusted to 24 degrees to the front, to facilitate the alighting. Because the new LS is flatter than previous generations, Lexus has equipped the optional air suspension with an entry function. Once the vehicle is with the Smartkey is unlocked, the body is automatically lifted and the cheeks of seat will be open.The Lexus LS has also include a 12.3-inch screen in the center console, a high-quality audio system, and an active noise isolation by counter-pole sound waves from the loudspeakers.

Engine performance, Lexus in Detroit still not made statements. (ampnet/jri)