Damage company gives a quote of 38,000 euros, but the dent can simply be knocked out

Even if it is by an expert with countless years of experience

Removing dents without spraying is the black magic of damage repair. You wouldn't know it from the dent on this Rivian R1T, but a certain Matt Boyette from the United States simply knocks the rear panel straight again. And without dismantling the metal. And it also saves his customer thousands of euros. Check out the video at the bottom of the page.

In most pick-ups, the cargo box is a separate part. If you have significant damage to the rear, you can replace (part of) the loading platform of these normal commercial vehicles. On the Rivian, the loading platform is attached to the rest of the sheet metal. If you want to replace part of the tank, a much larger part must be removed and everything must then be sprayed.

The owner had received a quote from a damage repair shop around the corner for the dent. This company indeed wanted to replace a large portion of the sheet metal, and therefore even had to dismantle the glass and the battery. The total job came to $41,000, which is about 38,000 euros. That's why the owner decided to seek a second opinion.

Two days' work

Ultimately, the owner of the Rivian R1T ended up with a company that dared to remove the dent without spraying. It turned out to be a challenging job: there are hardly any ways to reach the back of the dent. The repairman does not say what this repair cost. He just says it was two days' work, so probably less than 10 percent of the other quote.

It looks perfect again on the video, but the body shop admits that there are still some tiny spots visible. One imperfection can be removed with a little varnish and the other spot he could not reach properly from the inside. Would the $41,000 repair have been perfect? There is also a chance of errors in the spraying or seams that don't run quite right.