Could F1 fans really order cans of Red Bull for Hamilton at the Mercedes hospitality?

There is, just like the drink, a smell to this story

How many F1 followers – especially those who cheer for Verstappen – must have been in stitches over a 'blunder' at Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton was interviewed in the Mercedes hospitality during the GP weekend in Japan. Next to him a QR code was visible with the encouraging text 'Personalize your drink!' above it. The story went around online that fans ordered cans of Red Bull en masse for Hamilton via Mercedes' QR code.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to show the images, because then F1 will get angry. But you can check them out here . But first read this message, would you? Quality media claimed to have spoken to an insider. According to this 'insider', the ordering module went haywire and the Mercedes hospitality team was overwhelmed with orders for Red Bull drinks for Hamilton, Russell and Wolff.

"How many cans did you order in my name?" | Photo: © Red Bull Content Pool

You may wonder whether Mercedes even offers Red Bull drinks in hospitality. The 'insider' of the news website in question says that Mercedes has a small stock of energy drinks from its largest competitor. Just like the drink, there is a smell to this story. That's why we asked the Mercedes F1 team for a response.

According to Mercedes, the information is incorrect

Mercedes' F1 team told Top Gear Netherlands that the information about the QR code was 'unsurprisingly' incorrect: 'The QR code was visible, but did not work for those who were not on location.' According to Mercedes, there was no overwhelmed hospitality team. "In addition, we have Monster in stock, not Red Bull, so that information is also incorrect," the Mercedes spokesperson concluded.