Cool look for the coolest

Cologne, 18. July 2017

The coolest models of Toyota? Are there any cool Toyota's? Now, it's not so bad. For us, the GT86 and the C-HR, the sympathy carrier. For these two models, Toyota is now undoubtedly cool Matte foil.

Four Mat releases from the C-HR

The futuristic-drawn (but also polarizing) SUV-coupe C-HR, there are the matte versions of the equipment exclusively for the "Style Selection". These will be available in the future, except in four gloss finishes (two in gray, as well as Blue and White, all Metallic paints, you are here series) also available in matte finishes of the same color. The extra charge for the wrapping, however, in the case of relatively heavy 1.850 Euro. The A - and C-pillars, wing mirrors and roof, and rear spoiler available without PVC coating, so that the shiny onyx remains of black paint visible. Alternatively, it is possible to perform the contrast-colour in Matt (again 140 Euro surcharge).

Six matte colors for the Eight-Six

For the sporty coupe called the GT86, there are six Matte film: brown, black, grey, silver, blue and green. The charge is just low: 1.890 Euro. As a basic paint job (the remains in the door opening area and in the engine compartment visible) recommends Toyota Metallic Black (extra fee 590 Euro). The outer sides of the rear spoiler will be wrapped also, 120 euros extra.(sl)