'Coming Audi E-tron four weeks delayed'

The arrival of Audi's first fully electric car is four weeks delayed

The mid-september unveiled the Audi E-tron is a month later than scheduled in the international dealers. This is evident from reports from Reuters. Now also Audi themselves issued a statement.

Audi says that the the software has improved which is necessary for obtaining type-approval. That means the car is re-approved, it should be, which is a delay of four weeks yields

The German newspaper Bild am Sonntag recently wrote that the E-tron may also be delayed because there is a prijsconflict would be with supplier LG Chem, the South Korean company that the delivery of the accupakketten. LG Chem would, according to Bild, the prices ten percent would increase due to the large demand for the E-tron. Audi says not to want to go.