Chinese CHJ Automotive shows first production model

The Chinese start-up SVJ Automotive delivered its first production model will be presented. The company begins little modest: this Leading Ideal One is a SUV the size of an Audi Q7.

The Leading Ideal One is the first product of the start-up SVJ Automotive. The SUV is 5 meters long, 1.96 meters wide and 1,76 m high. Between the front and rear axle is located a distance of 2,94 m. What is located under the thick-looking carriage, hiding, is perhaps even more interesting.

The new Chinese giant is an EV with range extender. On each shaft is an electric motor placed. The system power is 326 hp and 530 Nm. The battery pack has a capacity of 40.5 kWh. A 1.2-litre blown triple engine acts as a range extender. A sprint from standstill to a speed of 100 km/h in 6,5 count behind the back. According to the NEDC-cycle of the car is 700 km far.

The car has two digital displays, which together practically the entire dashboard cover. An instance is 16.2 inches tall, while the second instance of 12.3 inch measure. In addition, CHJ Automotive the car a 10.1-inch large touchscreen which allows the climate control to operate. The starting price comes in China, without subsidies, at around 50,000 euro.