Car2go with more than two million customers

Car2go crossed the two million customers in September. The part of Daimler AG CarSharing provider is further expanding its market leadership in Germany, Europe and the world thus. More than 1.1 million in Europe and more than 550 000 in Germany belong to two million customers worldwide. Within one year the number of customers by Car2go is increased by 43%.

Every 1.5 seconds of the world 14 000 Car2go vehicle is used. The main growth driver of last year were the market launches in Spain and China. The expansion of the fleets of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Europe has brought new customers. The ten customer-richest cities of Car2go at a glance:

Berlin (141 000 clients) Hamburg (134 000 clients) Rome (125 000 clients) Milan (119 000 clients) Vancouver (118 000 clients) Chongqing (113 000 clients) Vienna (113 000 clients) Madrid (112 000 clients) Calgary (99 000 clients) Rheinland (83 000 customers)