Buick Enspire Concept

Detroit, 18. April 2018

A fancy electric SUV as a study Buicks novelty at the Auto China in Beijing (25. up to 29. April 2018). The electric drive offers 557 HP and allows for a range of 600 kilometers. The standard print speed 100 to create the car in about four seconds. Charged the Enspire is Charging, either via a quick-charging system (80 percent in 40 minutes) or wirelessly via induction.

Thin lines front and rear

The front of the Enspire has a wide grille and a thin chrome strip that connects the slit-like LED headlights. A similar strip of LED taillights and a chrome bar at the rear. At each corner of the vehicle's exhaust and a large air inlet or air. The body is smooth, on the currently so fashionable sharp sheet-metal edges, the designers have dispensed with. The roof line drops to the rear, so that you can refer to the Enspire as a coupe-SUV.

Augmented Reality Windscreen

In the Cockpit there is a windscreen with Augmented Reality Navigation: The Route will be projected so that it fits seemingly into the real landscape and the navigation target is on the horizon. As in the case of a Head-up Display also other information such as charge state, weather will be but a reflection of data or time in the disc. The driver looks on an OLED Instrument panel that displays on the Buick published image is a 2D Version of the navigation map. Additional Displays there are, apparently, on the dashboard and in front of the gear selector lever. As the materials are natural wood and suede are used.(sl)