BMW X5 gets M Performance Parts

BMW sets an array of M Performance Parts available for the new X5. An X5 M is not there yet, but with these accessories, you can of course already do as if you had already one.

BMW has an extensive range of accessories developed for the X5, the sporty-looking decoration that under the M Performance Parts label is a success.

In the catalog are things like carbon-fibre-manufactured pads on the corners of the bumper and extra pads for inside the lower grille and also a comprehensive set of alloy wheels is available. You can choose from specimens with a diameter of 20 inches, all are also 21 - and 22-inchwielen on the order list. Things like the mirror covers and the sideskirts are also made of CFRP material. Also the rear bumper is to get dressed with M Performance Parts. In these photos we see among other things a CFRP produced diffuser. Furthermore, there are actually performance-enhancing items available. 19-inch brake discs that belong to the M Performance brake system are available as an option. Inside the workplace to dress up with a wheel with center mark and have many things to work with carbon fiber and/or alcantara.