BMW, Mercedes or Audi?

Hair, 10 January 2016

It is a never-ending story: year after year the German premium manufacturer BMW, Audi and Mercedes bellows to attract of potential customers. The fight will be held no longer only on home soil, even the United States and China have become important markets. We take a look at the sales figures of the year 2016 and check what manufacturer where the nose has front.

Europe goes to BMW

Let's start at the continental level. All three producers were able to increase their sales in Europe last year. Audi sold 860.600 cars and increased by 7.6 percent. Mercedes in Europe could 898.234 cars on the man and the woman brought the strongest growth of the three producers by 12.4 percent and thus to Europe. Front-runner is BMW with 1.091.192 vehicles sold, representing an increase of 9.2 percent.

Audi in China at number one

Now we turn our gaze towards China, a fast-growing market for all three producers. Mercedes is here with 472.844 selling cars on third place. Growth with 26.6 percent as it did in Europe but more from German as the two competitors. Second place goes to BMW, which is increased with 516.335 selling cars to 11.3 percent. Only Audi could sell more cars in China: 591.554 cars compliance with a growth of 3.6 percent.

Difficult year in the United States

The United States were a more difficult market for the German premium manufacturer in 2016. Only Audi could increase with 210.213 selling cars around 4.0 percent. Although there are Mercedes and BMW had to forfeit the two producers but important advantage with 340.237 and 365.204 set off vehicles before the brand with the four rings with 0.8 and 9.7 percent loss.

BMW wins the comparison

Now we come to the grand finale: what manufacturer has 2016 world's most vehicles can deduct? Now: Third place goes to Ingolstadt. 1.871.350-selling Audi decorate the statistics an increase of 3.8 percent compared to the year 2015. The models from Stuttgart secure second place. With 2.228.367 cars, Mercedes could be compared to 2015 by 11.9 percent increase best performance of the three brands. Place one finally goes with a growth of ordinary 5.3 percent of BMW. Munich could sell 2016 all 2.367.603 cars. (mf)