BMW builds to his skyscraper to the three-cylinder

Munich, April 1, 2016

You can confidently speak of a sensation: BMW disarms its headquarters in Munich, the "four-cylinder". Because the company increasingly relies on three-cylinder engines, a wing of the Office building must go.

Greater efficiency through three cylinder

The distinctive Tower next to the Olympic site was built in the years 1968 to 1972, 1973 the official opening took place. From 2004 to 2006, BMW conducted a comprehensive renovation of the 99.5 metre-high building. But why must one of the "cylinder" be different now? Klaus Gschaftlhuber, the spokesman responsible for the headquarters, explained it as follows: "for a long time an important BMW"Efficient Dynamics"slogan. We implement now with three-cylinder engines in the Act. Also in the Office, highest efficiency is our goal." In decentralized office hours, working from home and the digitisation you really don't need the entire 1,500 jobs in the building, so busybodies further. Through the conversion to the three-cylinder, you could also save quite a bit in the air conditioning and outside perfectly demonstrate the idea of efficiency.

Original plans found

But what about the monument protection, the BMW building enjoys long? The man was of course aware, so busybodies. But already half a year ago to unknown plans by Alfred Scherz found in the ZF Group Archive, an employee of the senior architect Karl Schwanzer. Go forth from them quite clearly, that the building was originally planned as a "Three-cylinder". By restoring the original condition, you would meet the monument protection in particular. (rh)