Audi shows piece of renewed R8

Audi extends soon be a facelifted R8 to the front. The redesigned supercar is already promoted on social channels.

It's now been 2.5 years ago that Audi, the current, second generation of the R8, presented. Our spionagefotograaf has the facelifted car already several times caught, though he was in those cases always covered with camouflagestickers. Audi Sport now places an image on Twitter showing the front of the refreshed R8 is already to be seen.

The facelifted R8 gets to see not only a new front bumper, but also between the front door and the front bumper placed 'brievenbusje' that we know from the A1 and the recently unveiled R8 LMS GT3. The grille looks flatter and wider than that of the current R8. We expect Audi to both the dense as the R8 (Spyder) further detail fijnslijpt.