Audi brings e-tron GT

Ingolstadt, 15. March 2018

Balance press conferences, car manufacturers are actually a case for business journalists: gains, losses, calculations. However, between the Figures will also be looked in the future. For example in Audi, where the group CEO Rupert Stadler has now announced, surprisingly, a new electric model.

The first E-model as early as 2018

After years of hesitation, the Audi (and the Volkswagen group), the electric car is finally on the Offensive: In the year 2025, the Ingolstadt want to have more than 20 electrified models in the program-a third of its sales. The beginning of 2018, the e-tron, a power-SUV makes. I want it to allow loading with a capacity of up to 150 kW, and less than half an hour long-distance cruising. Is made the e-tron in Brussels. As the price Audi is 80,000 euros.

A four-door e-tron GT comes

So far, So good, but Audi pulls somewhat surprising a Rabbit out of the hat. As a "sporty spearhead" announces a "very dynamic" four-door Gran Turismo with pure electric drive. Beginning in 2020, the car will be manufactured in Neckarsulm. Rupert Stadler, reveals the name: "the all-electric e-tron GT, we interpret sportiness a very progressive company and lead our Performance brand, Audi Sport in the future.", so the Audi Boss.(rh)