As he falls you G-

Stuttgart, December 7th, 2015

The Mercedes G - class runs and runs. Since 1979 the terrain Box is now already in the program and a successor is probably not to be expected before 2017th Over the years, the purpose of striking Benz from a pure workhorse into a lifestyle SUV has changed. And since it is no surprise that Mercedes now offers a factory individualisation program, with which the four-wheel drive ( on) is refined. " Designo Manufaktur " is the name of the manufacturer, the list of options that can be cut according to your wishes, the G-Class. Much of the finishes is the way, as the name suggests, carried out in the Graz production site actually manually.

Black roof on request

There are now at the outer coatings more choice. Can be provided immediately striking solid colors like " fire opal ", metallic paints in a new shade of blue or the currently ansagte matt optics in combination with gray or yellow - olive. In addition, the roof in Black is to have. The wheel deal will be extended by another wheel designs in black. Serve with new inserts for the side protective moldings. They are available for AMG models in carbon look, for the other variants in black. And even the spare sitting classic on the rear door, can be upgraded with a stainless steel ring. He is painted either in black or in body color.

Also to have Night package now

As a new option, the known from several Mercedes trucks " Night package " will be added. The exterior mirror housings, which flared wheel arches, bumpers and roof shine here in metallic black, as well as the depositor in the trims and alloy wheels are colored. Thermal insulation, dark tinted glass from the B-pillar is also included in the package.

New shades of leather and contrast stitching

For the interior keeps new Mercedes leather upholstery available in various shades of brown, blue and beige. Strong contrast to them the decorative stitching on seats, headrests, dashboard, door handles, armrests and handbrake lever are matched ?? these two colors will look very elegant.

" Dinamica " package for the AMG versions

For the G63 and G65 AMG versions beyond the " Dinamica "-Interieurpaket is available for purchase. It comprises an AMG performance steering wheel with black nappa leather coat and microfiber material in the handle area. In addition, there are white decorative stitching, red safety belts and leather-covered handles . ( hd )