A G model called the Manus

Eggolsheim, 14 December 2016

At the beginning, the question is: "How you can optimize contemporary Porsche 911 40 years ago in design and driving experience?" The answer comes from a medium-sized factory, which specialized in the restoration of Classic 911. Curtain on for the "Manus" tag from the Bavarian Eggolsheim, based on a 911 Targa G model from 1974.

The body conversion

The kit is available as Manus for all G models now Coupé, Targa or Cabrio. During the conversion of the vehicle and the entire body is restored. Bumpers worked in sheet metal front and rear are but on request newly interpreted and come out without the then already so unpopular folding bellows bumper. To join the new fenders, a new boot lid and new front and rear plates. Also you can broaden the wheel arches front and rear discreetly. What follows? The painting. An original lacquer or in a colour on request.

The technology updates

If under the hood once put the air-cooled 2.7-liter six-cylinder Boxer engine with 150 Horsepower, it is revised and given a decent performance increase to 180 HP (more engine displacement and capacity variants are possible on request). Switch will continue with the already standard five-speed gearbox. The factory in terms of chassis but opts for components by Bilstein or KW automotive. All parts are stored to newly and partially reinforced. Wheels, 16-inch original wheels are used. Delayed front and 290 mm discs with a dual-circuit brake system without ABS with 283 mm disc rear is.

The result

New performance figures for the 1974 911 Targa arising from the comprehensive review of the technology and the new figures to read as follows: manages 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, top speed is specified with 230 km/h and the consumption is 14.5 liters per 100 kilometers. To compare the original values: Acceleration? 8.5 seconds. Top speed? 210 km / h. consumption? 14 litres.

The Interior

Inside will be if not otherwise required only restored. Optional, however, a completely customizable and two-tone interior fabric or leather is available. Also on demand on board: sport seats and a sport steering wheel in the Manus-design, special nameplates with the serial number, as well as a rotating Rod Cap with Manus logo.

What you should know

Despite the modernisation measures, the TÜV still gives his blessing and nothing in the way of the H flag. Unless you opt out of the halogen headlights and instead choose the Kaege LED lamps. Upon completion and prior to delivery will be driving the vehicle test and all functions are checked. You want an award? This varies depending on the condition of the base vehicle and your personal equipment needs. (ml)