640 hp Italo - Carbon - madness

Monte Carlo ( Monaco), 22 April 2015

We know these stories. Car fans they 've heard a thousand times: Young, rich guy with too much gasoline in the blood acquires naming rights to totally scrapped in Black White - times times glorious sports car brand and attempting a comeback. For this purpose, it is building a new, much too ambitious sports car whose Datasheet one brings tears to the eyes, but of course never sees more than the halls of a semi - major auto show. However, in the case of the ATS 2500 GT shown here, the case is a little different. For the Italian sports car manufacturer A.T.S. existed only from 1962 to 1964 and was anything but glorious.

short Story

Based in Bologna A.T.S. ( Automobili Turismo e Sport) grew out of a big row between Enzo Ferrari and six of its employees who were fired and then unceremoniously set up their own businesses. With the aim of Ferrari nice wipe on road and track one, the 2500 GT was developed. He was the first road car with central engine, however, was built ( depending on the source, the ATS newly founded speaks of 15 copies ) only about nine to 15 times. A Formula 1 activities in 1963 was rather suboptimal. Why Daniele Maritan (in this case that would be the young, rich type) ATS revives, probably knows but he himself. On the strength of a heroic past mystifizierbaren he can not sit in any case.

V8 with 640 hp

After all, at the datasheet of its new ATS 2500 GT reliable: The super lightweight mid-engine flounder, the ( 16 to 19 April 2015) debuted at the Top Marques Monaco, spanning a carbon chassis with a carbon fiber monocoque with steel subframe and should only 950 kilos weigh. For the tears in the eyes of an unspecified 90-degree V8 naturally aspirated engine, which will make 640 hp and turn to 10,000 tours provides. It is driven by a sequential six-speed gearbox to the rear wheels, a limited-slip differential strives to keep the tires at least live a little longer. The sprint to 100 km / h to the ATS 2500 GT do in 2.9 seconds maximum to 340 km / h possible.

How long it gets good this time?

The wild ride into the modern undertaken by the ATS on 18-and 19 - inch wheels. The braking system with 360 - millimeter discs and six-piston calipers. An ABS, ESP, or other things that save you from guardrails, trees, et cetera, there is not. " Is not it " applies to statements about prices, planned number or a release date. Let's see how long hold out the new ATS. Design and specifications can hope it goes well this time a little longer . (sw)