Fiat 130

The Fiat 130 was the successor to the six-cylinder models 1800/2100/2300. When Fiat 130 2800 Sedan with 140 hp, the vehicle was initially positioned in the 3-liter class European luxury sedans. At the same time the competence of the company in the Fiat at that time the top market segment of large sedans should be underlined. After only 3,000 units produced, the engine of the Fiat 130 has been tuned up to 160 hp and remained as an alternative solution in the program. In March 1971, the Fiat 130 Berlina model was maintained strong : even more torque, a slightly reduced maximum speed and an output of 165 hp from a displacement of 3.2 liters now were the result. In 1971, Fiat Coupe in Geneva also the 130th ago. Technically identical to the Fiat 130 Berlina particularly convincing the clear, classic lines of the designed and produced by Pininfarina Fiat 130 coupe. Due to the small number of items is assumed that the Fiat will learn an appreciation among collectors in the coming years. Discover at this site in the vast selection of offerings including rare vintage and historical models from the USA or the GDR.