Ferrari 340 Roadster

The Ferrari 340 Mille Miglia Roadster is a veteran. In 1950 came the Ferrari 340 Roadster at the first time (6 times) the Mille Miglia and confidently led so long, until he retired with damage to the rear axle. This is probably one of the few weak points of this car. Because the Ferrari 340 Roadster was only built to win races, so even the aluminum body is so thin that you can push it with your finger. Ferrari 340 Roadster is powered by a twelve-cylinder front-engine, which produces 220 hp from 3.3 liters. Later models of the Ferrari 340 Roadster have 4.1-liter engines with up to 300 hp. Interest on a rare vintage car? Whether roadster, coupe or convertible in this web site does not auto to be desired.