BMW 1600-2

His first public appearance of the BMW had 1600-2 (factory code : 114) for a special occasion : On 7 May 1966, BMW AG celebrated its 50th Birthday, and on that day turned the former BMW boss Gerhard Wilcke the guests in front of the BMW 1600-2 at the Bavarian State Opera. Three days later, the two-door model unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the clientele. The "2" (later "02") should the 1600 simply as a two-door version of the new BMW identify and help distinguish it from the larger four-door sedan. The BMW 1600-2 was 27 centimeters shorter than this (total length : 4.23 meters), and at only 5 cm shorter wheelbase. At the short body overhangs the BMW 1600-2 fit the same broad track of the front axle. The roof was 4 cm lower, which should 1600-2 emphasized the impression of dynamism and sportiness along with the flatter windshield, the round headlights and the circular tail lights of BMW. The BMW 1600-2 was a very modern car with 940 hp at 85 kilos had an excellent power to weight ratio, in about 13 seconds to 100 was accelerated and with 166 km / h the fastest cars of its time. Used cars of all brands can be found cheap at this website.