Bentley Continental Speed Cabrio

The Bentley Continental Speed ​​Convertible was first presented as an open sports car at the Detroit Motor Show in 2013 and is especially well-heeled buyers give up on fresh air on the " open-air feeling." In addition to every conceivable luxury, the Bentley Continental Speed ​​Convertible offers one thing: performance without end! Because since 2012 closed its brother drives already on the streets and passed the new Bentley Continental Speed ​​Convertible brachial be working engine. So bubbling under the hood of an open four-seater double-charged W12 petrol engine with 6.0 liter displacement. The result: Rich 625 hp and 800 Nm of torque carrying on the eight-speed automatic with Quickshift the 2.5-ton Bentley Continental Speed ​​Convertible in 4.4 seconds to the magical 100 km / h mark. Whether the occupants are still conversations possible in open vehicle, the same is can only be owners of a Bentley Continental Speed ​​Convertible answer, at 325 km / h try. The consumption still persists, despite the potency of the engine with 16.1 liters per 100 kilometers within manageable limits.