Ferrari 599 GTO

The most powerful car of the Italian car manufacturer has unveiled at Auto China 2010 under the name Ferrari 599 GTO to the general public. The new sports car from the house of the prancing stallion is not sparing me charms for the targeted audience of affluent car buyers. The Ferrari 599 GTO its driver is powerful 670 hp sports car available that are teased out of a 12 - cylinder engine. Understatement is time announced the Ferrari 599 GTO, which the manufacturer from Maranello is the top speed of the Ferrari 599 GTO with more than 335 km / h - this is certainly worth much higher. In any case, the sports car is the sprint from a standstill to 100 km / h is hard to beat, the Ferrari GTO lapidary needs 3.3 seconds daf 599 ÜR. The enormous torque of 620 Nm comes only benefit the rear axle and thus be relevant in the sports car 's drift. Particular attention was paid despite the enormous performance on the consumption of the Ferrari 599 GTO. Thanks to the new high-tech gear and the Virtual Race Engineer, the consumption of sports car corresponds on average 17.5 liters of premium, which, given the performance is a very good value.

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