Citroen Saxo

The small car CITROEN Saxo was newly available as a three-door hatchback or five-door between 1996 and 2004. As the successor of CITROEN AX, Saxo was designed together with Peugeot engine and with several variations, etc., equipped with an electric motor. The smallest version of the gas engine is the CITROEN Saxo 1.0 with 45 hp or 50 hp, a little stronger the CITROEN Saxo 1.1 with 54 hp and 60 hp, followed by the CITROEN Saxo 1.4 version with 75 hp. The most powerful engine is the 1.6 - liter engine in the CITROEN Saxo VTR (88 hp) and CITROEN Saxo VTS (118 HP) represents a CITROEN Saxo 1.5 D with 54 hp or 57 hp engine completes the range. The small car is very easy to drive and accordingly afloat with a weight of less than one tonne. As of fittings for CITROEN Saxo offers the lines chrono, Ocean, Royal and tonic, as an option, in addition to air conditioning and an automatic available. Although in 2001 with the models CITROEN C2 and C3, the successor to the Saxo were produced, Saxo was due to the high demand for another three years for sale. Individual CITROEN Saxo spare parts are still available. Do you like french cars ? In this website you will find comfortable small cars of many brands, such as

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I mean a Land rover range rover LRX

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