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The presented already in 2000 compact retro Van Chrysler PT Cruiser - PT stands for Personal Transportation (passenger transport) - and should enrich the family van to Renault Scenic, VW Touran and Ford C-Max with an unusual design. When the engine constructed as a front-wheel drive Chrysler PT Cruiser has undergone several changes over the years, some powerful but fuel-intensive engines were removed from the program. Meanwhile, the PT Cruiser drivers between three different engine versions can choose : In addition to the entry level Classic 1.6 with 116 hp Touring 2.2 CRD, a common-rail diesel engine with 150 hp, and the Touring 2.4 143 PS petrol engine will be offered. The last two models are getting in the Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited version with upgraded amenities. Since 2004, by virtue of its wide, body-colored roll bar extremely flashy convertible Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible found numerous followers. An extensive facelift in 2006 mainly due to the headlamps and the interior was completed on Chrysler PT Cruiser. In addition, we presented the special limited edition Chrysler PT Cruiser Route 66 In the summer of 2008 was decided by the new consortium to FIAT, set the PT Cruiser lack of sales. In association with FIAT a successor model of the Chrysler PT Cruiser to introduce in 2012.

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2014-08-05 15:29:52

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kattryn 2014-02-09 03:32:41
c'est étrange comme ce modèle me fait froid dans le dos..On dirait un corbillard , une voiture blindée , en noir ..
The_Yeti_Knows 2014-09-28 18:33:54
Kids I've had an '03 GT for 7 years and I dig it every day... 215HP ? you kidding ? autostick, all heated leather, reliable as all get-go, everything has always worked and always has ....solid solid solid.. one of my favourite cars.. anyone who laughs at them can suck it.

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