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The Chevrolet Impala is initially offered as a coupe and convertible (cabriolet) for existing luxury model Bel Air. Later decides the GM subsidiary Chevrolet to produce the Impala in a separate car. 1959 starts the production, a year later, the Chevrolet Impala is available throughout the country topped the sales charts. Available as 4 - and 5-door sedan, the Impala gets the most powerful engines that Chevrolet has to offer. When in 1961 the model Chevrolet Impala SS (Super Sport) is introduced, one speaks of the first true muscle car. With 5,7 - or 6,7-liter V8 equipped engines, the SS delivers up to 350 hp. 1986 Caprice name replaces Impala, but the name Impala SS from 1994 is used for the performance-oriented sports versions of the Chevrolet Caprice on. 1996 production is set, but in 2000 a new model to replace the Lumina is released under the name Chevrolet Impala. Available are three engine options for this car : V6 with 211 and 242 hp and a V8 with 303 hp. Looking for a new car? In this site you can buy online all types of vehicles.

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Review by polly

Impala is just like a fairy tale. Who will fall opportunity to buy - grab! You don't regret. On the road stands rooted to the spot, any maneuver makes instantly, surprisingly for such a tank. Motor moves at any speed like a beast. Quality trim materials - better 7th BMW. After this machine for any other not sit.

2014-03-01 11:30:31
Review by John

I bought Impala car in the U.S. and for two years I went to Poland. Car simply awesome. Every time sitting behind the wheel, or get incomparable pleasure. Amazing smoothness and dynamics course, fully soundproofed, the feeling of absolute security in a powerful rugged (by the way, fully galvanized and did not react to our road salt). No wonder over the life of its release this model with very quality suspension chosen to equip police departments of New York (in Manhattan terrible roads). Very spacious interior and trunk, the back seat can easily throw a party. So, Chevrolet Impala is Super car!

2014-03-03 11:54:49
Review by passer

Wow! i'd like to have that. I saw it last week. Graceful car! In my opinion, black is optimum color for it.

2014-04-18 15:38:28
Review by my_email:

Selling blue Chevrolet Impala for 20,000 dollars (264 horsepower). Year 1994, sedan, mileage 99,900, automatic transmission, steering wheel left, manual windows, bright living room, on the go.

2015-06-02 15:16:28

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I wish to know the prize of this car
Anonym 2017-02-22 12:35:20
Nice car!
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Modelo muy adelanado para esos años (hermoso) 2017-02-21 17:00:37
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