BMW 320 touring

The BMW 320 Touring is a stylish combination that is offered by the Bavarian manufacturer since the year 1987 as a new car at the factory code E30. With the BMW 320 touring the automaker was a new way to offer the Mercedes-Benz station wagon, the VW Passat and the Opel Omega Caravan a matching competitors can. The six-cylinder in the BMW 320 touring then delivered 129 hp and could by its very quiet running score with many buyers. From the year 1993, the E36 series of BMW 320 touring took over the reins, now mobilized 150 hp from the 2.0-liter six-cylinder, was built until 1999 and even today is still a popular-selling car in the station wagon. In the same year, the E46 was introduced as the new BMW 320 touring, whose construction lasted until 2005. After E60 series produced until 2011, the current BMW 320 touring is made in the F31 series. Tradition in the BMW 320 touring available with diesel and petrol engine, making the same 184 hp.

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